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What’s the pattern of Ralph Lauren Polo, which is already a bit of a cliché to try?

Matrix HR Solutions Private Limited What’s the pattern of Ralph Lauren Polo, which is already a bit of a cliché to try?

But Ralph Lauren is, after all, a brand that brings polo shirts to the big, and those old items don’t represent the current RL. Now that everyone starts to be on the upper body Fred Perry and other brands. Ralph Lauren also did not stop updating the product’s footsteps. Logo is not to change, fabric can.

Ralph Lauren’s mesh fabric in the summer is much cooler than the classic cotton polo, and although there is a suspicion of bumps, as a man, it doesn’t care too much.

Let’s start by explaining what Ralph Lauren recently liked to use on the product: mesh,weathered.
Mesh: Grid, this material is still pure cotton, but weaving makes the mesh bigger and more breathable. Weathered: Washing to do old, infected with the style of the years.

Tips: The front and rear flaps are not as long, the purpose is to tuck in the trousers, it is not easy to come out.

Buy polo in summer, first select mesh.
Ralph Lauren custum Fit Mesh Polo Ralph Lauren Slimming version of Polo, mesh fabric, than the classic version of the little half code, if classic you wear s, this one will be m-s between. measured 94cm bust, s code is more appropriate.

Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Soft Touch Polo Soft touch, is a softer feel. Traditional RL Polo, wash two times on the hardening, in addition to washing is not bad, no advantage. Soft touch More advanced point, the fabric is a little thinner, but softer.Ralph Lauren Classic Fit weathered Mesh Polo.t shirt philipp plein femme. than before the mesh more washing to do the old treatment, especially suitable for washing pants. One thing to be reminded of is that it looks old and old when it’s bought back.

Ralph Lauren Custom Slim Fit weathered Polo.Ralph Lauren Home’s most slimming style, Custom Slim fit! This is really about the same size as the domestic, especially suitable for Asian thin version of the figure.

Ralph Lauren Polo CP-93
Ralph Lauren officially announced the classic return, and the new surprise presented to us was the launch of the Polo CP-93 series. This new collection is inspired by the brand’s sponsorship partnership with the Copa America regatta in Santiago, California, in 1992, and the subsequent launch of the Sailing series in 1993.

Through the re-interpretation of the classic design, show its courage and enterprising and athletic spirit. As the official designated clothing brand for the 1992 Copa America Regatta, Ralph Lauren designed the team uniform and the “CP RL-92” logo for the United States team. Thanks to the popularity of the design, Ralph Lauren introduced the CP-93 series for the first time the following year and highlighted the concept and recognition of the series with the “CP RL-93” logo.

Inspired by the original series and the scarf fashion of the early 90, combined with sailing and Riviera printing, the new interpretation of the 24 classic design. Full and bright three primary colors, full graphic printing, sailing patterns and the classic “CP RL-93” logo, are all elements throughout the series. A variety of fashionable items, including rowing scene printed nylon windproof jacket, navigation signal flag printing rope swimming trunks, eye-catching oversized color block splicing jumper with sweatpants and badge embroidery camping cap, including, very absorbent. Inspired by the iconic graphics and stripes of the original series, the classic polo shirt is also given a refreshing rendition.

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